Creating a beautiful summer garden… the easy way

May 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Random, wine by

As they say here in coastal Southern California, “May gray brings June gloom.” Each year, we hope it isn’t so, but inevitably, most years, this forecast rings true. Then the first day of July rolls around and the there’s a cloud break… the sun is here and we feel like summer has finally arrived! It’s our cue to enjoy the great outdoors… the patio furniture gets a good cleaning, umbrellas pop up, and corks pop out. With the wine flowing, gorgeous weather, and birds chirping, there’s only one thing missing: a beautiful summer garden.

You don’t actually need to wait until the official start of summer (or for the sun to shine) in order to create a beautiful summer garden. We’re all about doing things the easy way (i.e. discovering new wines via a wine club… we spit so you can swallow) and putting together a beautiful outdoor space shouldn’t be any different. For a few wine- inspired tips, follow these links:

- Create an herb garden with wine boxes and barrels. Not sure where to find wine barrels? You never want to buy them brand new, but oftentimes wineries will sell their used barrels.

- Or perhaps you need some furniture? Check out what can be made with some old wine barrels! A local Google search should help you pinpoint where you can find these crafty creations. Another thought is to try Craig’s List or Etsy.

- Feeling handy with glass cutting? Grow containers can be made from recycled wine bottles.

- For step-by-step instructions on how to do many of these projects, YouTube is a great resource.

If you have beautiful garden pictures, please send them our way… we’d love to feature your wine- inspired patio and garden projects! Don’t forget to check out our blog post on DIY recycling projects with wine bottles.

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